Upcoming research residency – Critical Path Responsive 2015

Victoria Hunt – Critical Path Investigate/Extend Responsive Residency 2015

April 6 – May 1, 2015

TANGI (Weeping Waters) explores the transformative qualities of light, water, incantations and embodiment to enunciate the rare and precious nature of culturally significant “objects”, suspended in foreign collections and museums. TANGI brings together an ensemble of artists to celebrate our past, present and future: and to re-inscribe mythologies for our times.

Collaborators are Boris Bagattini (video, installation & light), Fausto Brusamolino (light & installation), James Brown (sound composition), cultural advisors Aroha Yates-Smith, Paul Tapsell (Te Arawa) and Richard Green (Darug nation) as well as a first time collaboration between Victoria and Kristina Chan (dancer). The aim is to explore the unattainable in creative work, the unchallenged and culturally sacred.

3_Victoria Hunt

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