Lighting Thresholds

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Concept / Choreographer Victoria Hunt
Lighting Designer Clytie Smith
Video Artist Chris Wilson

a Critical Path residency at The Drill, Sydney 5 – 29 July, to investigate the role of light as a dramaturgical tool.

About Body Weather & De Quincey Co

BODYWEATHER is a broadbased training that proposes a practical strategy to the mind and to the body. It is not just for ‘professional dancers’ or ‘performance practitioners’ alone but is an open investigation that can be relevant for anyone interested in exploring the body. The term and philosophical basis for BODYWEATHER was founded by butoh dancer Min Tanaka and his MAI-JUKU PERFORMANCE COMPANY, Japan. Drawing from both eastern and western dance, sports training, martial arts and theatre practice. As a former member of Mai-Juku 1985-91, Tess de Quincey introduced the BODYWEATHER philosophy and methodology into Australia in 1989. Victoria is a founding member of De Quincey Co since 2000 and has performed in over 40 productions nationally and internationally. From the basis of her Body Weather practice, Victoria is researching indigenous creativity which is situational and bound to the conditions surround it.

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